The smartest way to finance your exports

Are you an exporter looking to conquer new international markets? Advance invoices, manage the payment of your suppliers, find liquidity in your operations.

We are your trusted partner to accelerate the success of your exports.

Our mission is simple

Empower exporters by offering innovative and reliable financial services tailored to their needs.

Fast and reliable financing

Say goodbye to cash flow constraints! Our streamlined process ensures fast approval and smooth disbursement.

15 years of experience

We tailor our solutions to align with your export needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Low risk with greater peace of mind

We perform efficient evaluations to safeguard your interests.

Transparent terms

We believe in open communication and transparency. We also offer payment options tailored to your business cash flow cycles.

About Us

We build roads of transparency and trust.

Bosa Investments Inc. is the financial ally of the Bosanet platform, which acts as a bridge between Latin American sellers and buyers in the United States. Bosa Investments has been created with the purpose of supporting Latin American exporters in the growth of their businesses, providing them with liquidity solutions tailored to their specific needs through International Factoring. Through Bosa Investments, exporters will be able to expand their operations and increase their exports effectively.

Join the Bosa Investments family today and prepare for a future full of financial success and exciting achievements.

Ready to take a big step forward? Let us be your guide and take your business beyond what you ever imagined. Turn your invoices into opportunities, boost your sales and make your business shine like never before.

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